Whole Foods Suffers Data Breach

Whole Foods says it suffered a data breach that was limited to purchases in table services restaurants and taprooms.

Popular supermarket chain Whole Foods, which was purchased just a month ago by Amazon reported that there was unauthorized access of its credit and debit card data on one of its systems for point-of-purchase.

The breach took place on the POP system that is used in its table service restaurants and taprooms that are located inside some of the supermarket chain’s stores.

The company announced that the payment system that was used for purchases of groceries had not been affected and consumers who did not make purchases with credit or debit cards at table service restaurants or taprooms were not affected.

In a prepared statement, Whole Foods announced that upon learning of the data breach, it immediately launched its own investigation, while obtaining at the same time a leading forensics company that specializes in cyber security, contacted authorities in law enforcement and took the appropriate measure to address the full issue.

Revelation of this data breach comes the same week SONIC announced that it had suffered a breach of a payment system at some of its 3,500 locations in the U.S.

Both of the data breaches occurred following the massive breach at Equifax, which heightened concerns by consumers over identity theft. The Equifax data breach affected more than 143 million people in the U.S.

In its prepared statement, Whole Foods did not include the number of accounts that might have been breached to computer hackers, or when the breach may have taken place.

However, it did say the systems at Amazon.com were not connected to the network of Whole Foods and that transactions at Amazon.com were not affected in any way.

Not all of the stores in the Whole Foods chain have restaurants and taprooms. Nevertheless, the company has encouraged its customers who have used credit or debit cards at the stores in question to monitor the accounts closely to look for any trends or signs there had been fraudulent use.

In additional, consumers who used their payment cards at taprooms or restaurants in Whole Foods stores should notify the issuer of the card that precautionary steps must be taken.

The grocery store chain said that the investigation of the data breach is continuing and that it would be providing any new details as it received them.

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