Don Miller – Editor

Don has a passion for promoting and writing about sports, technology, and finance. He is a follower of Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey in matters of money management and personal finance. He serves as editor for and has been published on numerous technology news, entrepreneur, sports and finance sites.

Onesmus Grey – Editor and Contributor

Onesmus graduated from the University of Michigan and has lectured in the same university for close to 15 years. He is also a faithful contributor to Finance and Business news. He has also authored a couple of finance articles which have been published in several online journals and a couple of business magazines.

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Ana Kavanah – Contributor

Ana lives in Michigan State where she carries out her fulltime online freelancing writing. She also manages a blog where she concentrates on sports and business news. Ana also contributes to financing journals occasionally. Initially, she used to lecture at Uniford University before retiring and concentrating fulltime on her blog and freelancing.

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Christian Taylor – Contributor

Christian comes from a family of Business gurus. His family own and run a major business empire; Taylor Investment Inc. He oversees the company after his father retired back in 2000. Christian also contributes to major business magazines including Your Business And You that is published on a monthly basis

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Michael Collymore – Contributor

Michael is the Chief Finance Officer with Connect U a major telecom company in the U.S. He is also the author of several books including The New Beginning that advises the small-scale entrepreneurs on how to run their businesses successfully into empires. Michael is also a regular contributor to the online journal; Your Money And You.

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Katherine Steele – Contributor

Katherine began her writing career from her teen years from her computer at home. Her main focus is Equities and explains volume and price movers as well as other market predictions. Sometimes she diverts her focus to weather and sports events. Katherine lives with husband in New Hampshire.

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Tim Brown – Contributor

Tim is a finance specialist with a unique trading touch. He often teases his colleagues about the old adage, “hurry hurry has no blessings”. He maintains that only the slow and steady win the championship. He boasts of a Finance degree from the University of Michigan and has served as a floor trader on the NASDAQ stock exchange. He is single and but hopes to get married in the future.

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