Kidney Transplant Denied Two-Year Old Due to Father Violating Probation

A.J. Burgess was a month premature at birth and one of his kidneys did not work. Anthony Dickerson, his father is a 100% match for organ donation for the toddler.

However, Atlanta’s Emory Hospital surgeons will not perform transplant surgery due to Dickerson having served time in prison for violation of his probation.

Burgess is two years old, but weighs just 25 pounds and spent 10 months in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. A local television network says Dickerson was given a test and determined to be a perfect match for his son.

When Dickerson was released from jail, he was preparing to donate his kidney in early October however he had to return to jail due to violating his parole for firearm possession during the commission of or an attempt to commit a felony.

At that point things changed for the entire family and the hospital said they needed to wait three or four months prior to the father donating his kidney to his son.

The family said the hospital asked for Dickerson’s probation information and they asked why and the hospital officials said they had to see Dickerson on good behavior for at least four months prior to him donating his kidney and not until January of 2018 will they consider re-evaluating the situation.

Following the report on a local television network in Atlanta, Emory Healthcare, through a prepared statement, said that organ transplants are set up to ensure success for the recipients and that more information could not be released related to the case.

The statement continued by saying that Emory was committed to giving the highest quality healthcare for patients, with the organ transplant guidelines designed for the maximum chance of transplant success for the recipient and the minimum amount of risk for the donor.

At the same time, the mother of the two-year old toddler said that waiting until January of 2018 might make it too late for A.J. as his health is continuing to deteriorate and she said that her son’s body is beginning to fail and he is in need of having surgery on his bladder.

She hopes that a GoFundMe page that was set up will bring about awareness of the predicament the family is in and provide the necessary funds so they can have some sort of stability financially.

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