Google Working on Competitor for Echo Show

Google is said to be working on a smart speaker that is screen-equipped to compete with the Echo Show made by Amazon.

Google’s device has the code name Manhattan and will be unveiled later this week along with other new updates to Google’s Pixel smartphone and Home speaker.

Thus far here are some of the things the rumored device will have. The touchscreen on the new device will be approximately seven inches diagonally which is comparable to that of the Echo Show.

The smart speaker is going to have Google Assistant and operate voice apps, but will operate with a variant of the Android operating system. The device will give users the ability to make as well as receive video calls, possibly using Duo or Hangouts, just as users of Alexa can on Echo Show.

However, by using an Android version, Google could help to attract developers to their platform who would not need to learn an entirely new ecosystem, which could allow for its smart speaker to have an important advantage over that of Amazon’s.

Google is looking at the possibility of partnering with Enjoy and Best Buy to help with installing at home both its new smart speaker and other smart home Google devices.

The company wants the smart speaker to be able to control other smart home devices, but often times consumers have issues when it comes to setting up a workable network.

Because of that Best Buy and Vivint partnered to help educate the consumer on professionally installing them and why Amazon manufactured the Echo Plus that was made to allow for an easy setup.

This rumored Manhattan smart speaker has followed a development line like other smart speakers in the market. Screens give versatility to the speakers, and the screen on the Echo Show generated excitement and people perceived it as being a useful addition to their home.

Google wants to stay competitive with Amazon to allow it to leverage the advantage its Assistant has over Alexa, but a significant edge has been gained by Amazon both in the variety of smart speakers and has in the smart screens that its offers.

Smart speakers, such as the Echo from Amazon, are the most recent smart devices category that could add to the digital lives we live. The devices are primarily made for home use and execute the voice commands of the user through using an integrated digital assistant.

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