Fitbit Announces Dexcom Partnership to Be Focused on Diabetes

Fitbit announced that it had entered into a new strategic partnership that will see it and its new partner, Dexcom jointly develop new user features.

Dexcom is known for the glucose monitoring devices it makes for people who have diabetes, while wearables makers Fitbit is one of the leaders in the fitness focuses smart watch field.

Now, with this new partnership of the two, both will bring together data collected by device made by Dexcom to various products by Fitbit, giving users better and more insight into their current health condition.

Starting off the partnership, Fitbit confirmed the first product that will benefit from the Dexcom data is the recently unveiled Fitbit Iconic.

Owners of this device will be able to access both their own recent activities as well as their levels of glucose on both the device and through a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android.

In addition, users will have the ability to connect with other people through the Fitbit Community, where they can share experiences and ask for any tips as well as give or receive help from other members.

It is important to take note that these new features will not include constant monitoring of glucose levels to the smartwatch, but rather users will have to connect a device made by Dexcom to the app of Fitbit, but having this data on the Fitbit smartwatch as well as other information that is fitness related will prove to be very helpful to users.

The new features are not available to Iconic owners yet, as they are currently being developed, but both companies confirmed that they have been targeted for release in early 2018.

However, since it is estimated that over 400 million people have diabetes, demand for this device might see a big surge once the features related to glucose are released.

Fitbit stated that it was focused on the introduction of more tools that are health-focused, with its new partnership only one example of that, which suggests the Iconic or other device by Fitbit, could take on more features that are health related in the near future.

The new partnership marks a clear sign of the hopes Fitbit has to shift from devices that are fitness only and toward a market that is more health related.

Both Fitbit and Dexcom have confirmed they will be working together actively to develop more features that will be beneficial to those with diabetes.

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