Amazon to Hire 120,000 Workers for the Holidays

Big retailers are preparing to hire holiday seasonal workers and Amazon is the latest to announce how many.

The online e-commerce giant has been added to the list of retailers like Target, J.C. Penney, Macy’s and others who will increase their payrolls for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Amazon said it would hire as many as 120,000 employees to work through the holiday season, which is close to double the number of workers it currently has in it customer service sites, fulfillment centers and sorting centers.

The temporary holiday season positions will be spread out over 33 states. Some of the new hires will be people who have worked each year during the holiday season, but a large percentage will be new hires.

Amazon said that thousands of their hires for the short-term holiday season period end up becoming full-time employees with a regular position, as well as receiving benefits that include health insurance.

The hiring for this year’s “high” season for Amazon is similar in numbers to that of 2016, even though surveys in the industry predict customers will buy online more often and purchase more products this year than last.

The new hires will remain similar this year due to Amazon’s better efficiency related to logistics, said an industry analyst who advises his clients in the retail industry.

Amazon is not the only company that is offering holiday shopping season positions.

Target has announced it will hire 100,000 temporary employees for the holiday season and is holding a recruitment event during this weekend at several different locations across the country.

Macy’s said that its temporary hiring will be approximately 80,000 between its stores and Bloomingdale’s.

J.C. Penney is hiring 40,000 temporary workers for the holiday season and will hold a one-day jobs fair on Tuesday October 17.

UPS is preparing for its busiest time of the year and announced it will hire 95,000 temporary employees for the holidays to handle what is expected to be a sharp increase in shipments of boxes from purchases made online.

FedEx will be hiring 50,000 employees which will include both temporary and permanent positions.

With Amazon it appears as if they always are hiring. Earlier in the year, the e-commerce behemoth announced it would hire 5,000 people that could work from home as customer services reps. Shortly after that, they announced a kickoff of one-day that would begin the hiring of 50,000 permanent workers.

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